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Tiago Sousa - Um Piano Nas Barricadas / LP

Tiago Sousa - Um Piano Nas Barricadas / LP

18.50 EUR

Since his first release (Crepúsculo in 2006) Tiago Sousa has been consistently developing his very own aesthetics; through his relatively large body of work, we can identify an artist on the search for his own expression and identity. Um Piano nas Barricadas (trans. A Piano in the barricades) follows three largely successful endeavours, both centred on the piano: Insónia, Walden Pond’s Monk and Samsara. In between those and this new release, Tiago has been working in the original soundtrack for portuguese short movie Bibliografia (included in this LP) as well as big performance theatre piece, O Coro das Vontades.''

Expect a unique work by one of the most interesting and intriguing musicians to come out of the burgeoning Portuguese music scene.

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