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Chalo Correia - Kudihohola / LP

Chalo Correia - Kudihohola / LP

25 EUR
Chalo Correia is a talented singer-songwriter born in Luanda, in 1968. He lived his childhood in the most intense and blazing music period of Angola (the 70s): when musicians were fighting for independence without guns, reinventing the Angolan sound in order to re-establish their identity.
Chalo is a very versatile musician. It is possible to find him with his 5 piece explosive band touring around Europe, or mixing a Portuguese guitar from the traditional Fado with Angolan music in his trio project, or even on a tireless one man show, playing traditional Angolan guitar chords handled by syncopate and percussive complex rhythms, such as Semba – the precursor of Brazilian Samba - among other traditional urban Angolan styles like Massemba, Kilapanga, Rumba, Kazucuta, Kabetula and Rebita.
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