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Hunee - Hunchin' All Night / 3LP

Hunee - Hunchin' All Night / 3LP

23.50 EUR
Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dance floor cuts from the 70ties till modern times. Pressed on 3 slices of vinyl (+ download code)... Biggest tip!!
Going from afro to disco to techno, "Hunchin' All Night" holds a wide spectrum of songs, tracks by the wonderful Boncana Maïga, Pat Thomas, Black Beat Niks, Kenny Larkin, Larry Heard, Mappa Mundi and many more.
Hunee, aka Hun Choi, is a Korean Berliner who has been drawn in music since a very young age. After working in record stores and studying musicology he resided in Amsterdam, where he released his debut album Hunch Music. As a DJ he has always followed ‘a hunch’, which gave him wings to communicate the music he loves with crowds all over the world. With Hunchin’ All Night, Hunee expresses his relationship with the dance floor. 
1. Carlos Maria - Blu Terra 2. Aby Ngana Diop - Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm 3. Boncana Maiga - Komya Hondo 4. Stanislas Tohon - Owhaaou ! (Raphael Top-Secret Edit) 5. Don Laka - Stages 6. Blak Beat Niks - Ritual Of Love (Ron's Vocal Beat Down Mix) 7. Larry Heard - Burning 4 You 8. Villa Abo - Made On Coffee & Wine 9. Mappa Mundi - Trance Fusion (Hunee Tempo Edit) 10. Pat Thomas - Yesu San Bra: Disco Hi-Life 11. African Futurism - Akal Akal 12. Dark Comedy - Without A Sound (Long ''White Label'' Version)