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Mainpoint - Alaska Wartet / 7"

Mainpoint - Alaska Wartet / 7"

14.50 EUR
So here is Mainpoint‘s ‘Alaska Wartet’ - a stunning private pressed 7” entirely unknown to the wider world. Its original 1980 press was less than extensive, and the few copies which did appear were sold exclusively at concerts and local record shops – kudos to all twenty ve people who got a copy! Mainpoint started out as a Jazz-Rock out t in 1978 but as the years rolled on, these guys fell for the funk. Finding a 4/4 in a world of syncopation, Mainpoint fell foul of their elbow-patched pals, being labelled Tanz-Jazz since their audiences actually danced (in contrast to the serious silence of their contemporaries’ concerts).
‘Alaska Wartet’ made it from Side 2 on the 1980 press to Side 1. This incredibly tight Boogie jam bounds out the speakers with a synth line from heaven and fusion moves galore – it’s sure to put a smile on dancer‘s faces worldwide.
‘Frisbee’ ies o the ipside, inviting dancers to forget about gravity and go for broke. Soaring skywards from this o , this uplifting masterpiece is perfectly topped by that screwdriver hook sung by Ika Hussmann!
Time for some Tanz-Jazz, folks!