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S. English- Eris / LP

S. English- Eris / LP

18 EUR

One of L.I.E.S.’ most minimalist industrialists presents his most impressive, and we daresay emotive work yet with Eris, triangulating a sound somewhere at the dank, raw root of Tolouse Low Trax, Dopplereffekt and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement.

The production is big boned and raw, but not lo-fi or distorted, stealthily moving from spheric dark ambient harmonics in Sanctuary to the slow, grimacing electro lurch of How To Build Cathedrals and something like Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement dubbing Laid Back on the broody romance of The Room Tonight, and an immense piece of shifty, Muslimgauze-like electro-dub in Bilocation Drift.

His Concrete Message cannily messes with the linear narrative in a style reminding of Demdike Stare’s GRM dubs, and Invasion Threat gives the record’s most thistly passage, before melting out into the subbass cess pilot of I’ll Take That One and again with the cone-worrying bass warped under the slow, cold electro pointillism of Eleventh Night.

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