Peekaboo Records - Stop It! / What Is Love Today  / 12" - Stop It! / What Is Love Today / 12"

15.50 EUR
The cuties at STROOM 〰 dish it up with extra mayo on their highly sought-after AA-side Valentine’s feature, pairing Keysha’s kinky ‘80s R&B beauty Stop It! with the starlit yacht-disco downstroke of What Is Love Today? by FG’s Romance. Ziggy Devriendt’s selector chops are in full effect here, plucking out an absolute blinder with the onanistic coos and satin chords of Stop It!, originally the B-side to Keysha’s I’m a Thumbsucker! 12”, which is now impossible or dead expensive to buy 2nd hand, while FG’s Romance gives it some ‘80s FM swang on the B-side with What Is Love Today? That A-side is 100% unmissable.
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