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V/A - Tokyo Nights : Female J Pop Boogie Funk 1981-1988 / 2LP

V/A - Tokyo Nights : Female J Pop Boogie Funk 1981-1988 / 2LP

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Compiled by Eli Cohen (Alliance Upholstery) and Deano Sounds (Cultures of Soul), Tokyo Nights includes tracks by Hitomi Tohyama, Junko Ohashi, Mizuki Koyama, Kaoru Akimoto, Aru Takamura, Mariko Tone, Rie Murakami, RA MU, Kikuchi Momoko and Yumi Seino. Each selection celebrates the unique traits and meticulous production that
define the sound. Think sandy beaches and metropolitan skylines; illumination and romance. Embrace the feeling of movement, from a coastal highway stretching towards the horizon or the city sprawling into the future. Turn on the hi-fi and slip into these Tokyo Nights.

1. Hitomi Tohyama - Exotic Yokogao 

2. Hitomi Tohyama - Wanna Kiss 

3. Mizuki Koyama - Kareniwa-Kanawanai 

4. Junko Ohashi - Dancin 

5. Junko Ohashi - Sensual Night 

6. Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down 

7. Aru Takamura - I'm In Love 

8. Mariko Tone - Broken Eyes 

9. Rie Murakami - TNT 

10. A MU - Love Is The Work Of The Heart 

11. Kikuchi Momoko - Mystical Composer 

12. Yumi Seino - Sky Restaurant

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