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Volume 4 - Soul Safari presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1965) / LP

Volume 4 - Soul Safari presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz (1940-1965) / LP

21.50 EUR

16 early vocal & jazzy tunes from the Golden Age of Jive & Kwela in South Africa. 

"Released originally on fragile shellac discs only. Shellac is a very delicate material but the music survived thanks to the archives of ILAM. A truly great source of South African music is being preserved here for new generations, to inspire young and hopeful musicians and singers from all over the world. These pearls of musical genius were recorded in the glory years of jive and kwela, 1940-1965. On side A it is not difficult to recognise the similarities to American popular music like R&B and small combo close harmony singing. But most of all notice that typical South African swing, that jive, that incredible smooth form of African jazz on side B; Kwela!

The rarest and most treasured finds are collected here, some with the original spoken intro’s, ‘sketches’ as these were called. Characteristic conversations between the musicians, often in a humoristic slang, always extremely funny. Now available as the fourth issue in the series ‘Township Jive & Kwela Jazz’.”